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June-July 2005
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Sunday, June 5, 2005
2-5 PM

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Summer Potluck /
Sunday, August 28 2 PM
Christ Episcopal Church, Needham, MA

How to get there: Christ Episcopal Church, Needham, MA

This year we are abandoning the name "picnic" for our August meeting (since it's been years since we held an actual picnic in August), and are planning a Potluck Dinner plus sing-through of THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD in conjunction with Longwood Opera of Needham, MA.

Longwood is sharing its usual rehearsal/performance space, Christ Episcopal Church, with us.

Longwood is also sharing its singers and audience members. First-choice casting for our sing-through of YEOMEN goes to NEGASS members, of course, but, in a situation reminiscent of those days of long ago when our picnic sing-throughs at Mrs Shepherd's Mansion were joined by cast members of a local (since defunct) RI G&S company, our YEOMEN cast will be enriched by members of Longwood's Savoyard contingent.

Our new Program Chair, Tom Dawkins (who, as a member of both NEGASS and Longwood, is a most appropriate conductor for the singthrough), will start casting no sooner than August, so spend the summer choosing your role:


SIR RICHARD CHOLMONDELEY [pronounced Chum'lee]
(Lieutenant of the Tower) Baritone

COLONEL FAIRFAX (under sentence of death) Tenor

SERGEANT MERYLL (of the Yeomen of the Guard) Bass/Baritone

LEONARD MERYLL (his son) Tenor

JACK POINT (a Strolling Jester) Light Baritone

(Head Jailer and Assistant Tormentor) Bass/Baritone

THE HEADSMAN Non-singing



THIRD YEOMAN [optional] Baritone

FOURTH YEOMAN [optional] Tenor




ELSIE MAYNARD (a Strolling Singer) Soprano

PHOEBE MERYLL (Sergeant Meryll's Daughter) Mezzo-Soprano

DAME CARRUTHERS (Housekeeper to the Tower) Contralto

KATE (her Niece) Soprano


Chorus of Yeomen of the Guard, GENTLEMEN, CITIZENS, etc.



Election/Fantasy meeting
Sunday, June 5, 2 PM

How to get there: The Park Avenue Congregational Church, Arlington, MA

REMINDER: anyone interested in being considered for a position should make themselves known to Don Smith immediately! The nomination list will be finalized on Friday, May 27. The officers to be elected this year are: President, Treasurer, Program Chair and two Members-at-Large. The Program Chair serves for one year, the others for two. If one of the current officers steps up to President, the vacated office would be filled for a year.

The meeting will be at the Park Avenue Congregational Church at 2 pm. The normal order of events is Elections first (which will be conducted by Marion Leeds Carroll as Senior continuing officer, in my absence). After that has happened, there will be Fantasy events, to be determined by those in attendance. [G&S singing—bring your scores! –tsw] The candidates recommended for election by the Nominating Committee will be conveyed to Ms. Carroll by me shortly before the event to allow for last minute expressions of interest.

The first meeting of the newly elected Board has been scheduled for Sunday, June 12, at the Dallas home at 3 pm.


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On Sunday, April 17th, about 15 of us gathered at the Park Ave. Congregational Church in Arlington to sing TRIAL BY JURY and read Bab Ballads. Casting was done on the spot for TRIAL. We were in the smaller Chapel room this time, which made for a more intimate atmosphere.


Judge -

Dick Schober

Plantiff -

Janice Dallas, Leslie Fuller, Alessandra Kingsford (in unison)

Defendant -

Carl Weggel

My riches at her feet I threw

Counsel -

Peter Cameron

Usher -

Dick Freedman

Foreman -

Don Smith

Tony Parkes was pressed into service as our pianist.

Dick Schober mentioned that he last sang the Judge's role 62 years ago (or was it 52?). He still has a wonderful voice and a good memory. His wife, Meredyth, and he are members of The Park Ave. Church. They enjoy coming to our Last Minute Light Opera meetings, so decided to attend this one as well.

After TRIAL, we continued on with the Bab Ballad readings. Here's what our members picked to read.

Nancy Burstein - "The Advent of Spring"
Carl Weggel - "The Reverend Micah Sowls”
Tony Parkes - "To the Terrestrial Globe"
Don Smith - "Trial by Jury"
Janice Dallas - "To My Absent Husband"
Dick Freedman - "The Martinet"

AfterKing in stocks all the reading, we were ready to break out into song again, so we started up with IOLANTHE and the March of the Peers. Tony then soloed on “The Law Is the True Embodiment”, followed by Dick Freedman's “Spurn not the Nobly Born” and Art Dunlap's “When Britain Really Ruled the Waves”.

We moved on to RUDDIGORE with Skyler Wrench soloing on "When the Night Wind Howls". Leslie Fuller, Janice Dallas and the guys sang “There grew a Little Flower” to finish the meeting off happily.


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Tentative Meeting Schedule, 2004 - 2005

June 5 Elections/Fantasy meeting
June 12 Board Meeting, 3PM, Janice Dallas's
August 28? Picnic meeting

Next Bray Copy Deadline: August 7, 2005

sticking close to a desk

NOTE from tsw: We put this in each Bray because YOU, the Members, are Our Writers! You are all encouraged to send in reviews, articles, cartoons, parodies, and other G&S material! Pseudonyms are permitted.

Next Bray Stuffing: August 14, 2005, 3 pm, at the home of Janice & Ron Dallas, 63 Everett St in Arlington, MA. Email for directions:


Welcome, Welcome We! new member new member David Karr, who writes:

I was introduced to Gilbert and Sullivan as a young child in New York City, when I spent countless hours listening to an album of Martyn Green in several of his roles. I played Ralph Rackstraw in a very small production (I think this was just before my voice changed) and enjoyed a few of the operettas at the Light Opera of Manhattan and at the Symphony Space. I came to the Boston area for college and except for a stint at graduate school have been here ever since. Nowadays I like to see the local productions of Gilbert and Sullivan with my wife Enid and my daughters Jane and Polly.

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The MIT Gilbert & Sullivan Players held their Spring General Committee Meeting on April 10th. Next year’s shows were selected, as follows:
Fall 2005: THE MIKADO
Spring 2006: PATIENCE
Summer 2006: The Threepenny Opera (yes, We know it’s not G&S, but it will be music-directed by NEGASS’s Tom Dawkins!)


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Condensed IOLANTHE Carl Weggel donated a Condensed vocal score of IOLANTHE to the NEGASS library. This is used by schools and groups that only have a short period of time available to them. Thanks, Carl!

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